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Beechmont Garden Retreat at Olinda in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges is home to formal and rambling gardens over 10 acres and a guest residence that can be booked for short term stays. This is a destination perfect for taking time-out.

Cherished by Cherrie Miriklis-Pavlou owner of one of Australia’s leading, and sought after, event and retail florists Flowers Vasette in Fitzroy, Beechmont’s gardens are used not only to provide seasonal flowers and foliage for the business and to inspire the florists, but also to host various events.

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What is there to love about Beechmont?

The Seasons

Ask people in Melbourne what is their favourite season and they’re likely to say either Autumn or Spring. Beechmont is very much about seasonality and appreciating the moment so this garden offers up something for every season, and for every one.


With mainly mature trees, Beechmont’s gardens in Autumn are gorgeous with late April, early May being of particular note. Make the most too of visiting nearby nurseries and public gardens. The Autumn colours are magnificent everywhere. The autumnal light at dusk in the mountains is magical, a golden glow.

Beechmont Seasonal Garden
Beechmont Seasonal Garden
Beechmont Seasonal Garden
Beechmont Seasonal Garden


Of course not everyone loves the cold that comes with the Winter season, however who ever said Winter was the worst season for a holiday or a get together wasn’t thinking about the spirit of adventure that comes with doing the unexpected. Winter at Beechmont is something else- gumboots, gloves, scarves, beanies not to mention fires, rugs, hot chocolate, steaming porridge and roast dinners. While the rain falls and the trees around the property whoosh in the wind this is the time to cosy up in front of the fire playing games, catching up on books never read, watching TV, surfing the Internet or inviting friends to stay over. Wintering at Beechmont is so, so much nicer than being in the City. BYO gumboots, beanies and scarves.


Beechmont’s gardens are at their peak in Spring- as they should. The rains ease off and the days start to warm bringing with them new life. Spring is such a bountiful time at Beechmont everything, from bulbs to previously bare trees,‘springs’ to life.


You will find so much more to like about Beechmont and the areas around the property. Read on. We hope you’ll love what you find. We think it is a special place - relaxed, not too stuffy, interesting without being overwhelming, and just lovely - a perfect time-out garden retreat.


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